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Who are we?

Rooms for Rent is an initiative of Michiel Vosdingh Bessem. He started in 2004 with buying his first house in Rotterdam and developed it into several studio’s to rent it out to young professionals and (foreign) students. And with success. Since that moment Rooms for Rent has been growing: now, in 2020, we have about 150 rental objects in the area of Rotterdam, Delft, Vlissingen in various sizes and price ranges. For instance, we have houses in Oude Noorden, Bergpolder and Delfshaven. They're all located near trams and busses. For all our accommodation universities, and city centre are easy reachable, by bike and sometimes even on a walking distance. Our focus lies on international students and young professionals. That’s why we offer rental objects as a complete package. All rooms, studio’s and apartments are let furnished. Every house contains a washing machine and our tenants have free internet access (WIFI). Students can subscribe themselves to the city hall of Rotterdam as well. And even though we have grown rapidly in the recent years, the personal contact with our tenants still remains very important to us... 

Mathenesserweg | Spangen

Adriën Mildersstraat | Delfshaven

The objects

The rooms, studio’s and apartments are let completely furnished. They all contain free internet access (WIFI) and every house has a washing machine at the tenant’s disposal. Students can subscribe themselves to the city hall of Rotterdam. All rental prices on this site are included electricity/water and use of internet.

Zwart Jansstraat | Oude Noorden

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